non-Invasive ICP monitoring (nICP)

Prof. Marek Czosnyka

Non Invasive Intracranial Pressure Monitoring for the mild to moderate head injured patients.

Non-Invasive ICP monitoring (nICP)_Marek CzosnykaIt is key to introduce a Non Invasive means of monitoring mild and moderate head injured patients, for whom an area of unmet clinical need is direct monitoring of intracranial pressure. These cohorts of patients are regularly sent home following assessment, then a late decrease in GCS may occur, returning to secondary care too late if at all. A wider clinical feasibility study to construct a trolley for the management of is underway, led by the university of Cambridge. The trolley will provide a combination of an estimation tools, specialist software, and of clinicians will deliver care in a currently unmet area of the acute brain injury pathway. Trans-cranial Doppler System will provide the estimation tool for the non-invasive assessment of intracranial pressure, a key component to the trolley combination. Along with the key collaborators, a key future collaborator is Cambridge Enterprise for the insight and developmental role in the commercialization of the ICM+ software, which is a key component of nICP.