Neurosurgery Task List

 Mrs. Nicola Owen

Implementing an electronic task list for streamlining handover and communication in neuroscience inpatient care.

Changes in medical and nursing working patterns in response to resource limitation and employment legislation have resulted in a reduction in the overall continuity of inpatient care. This is particularly marked in junior medical staff, where short specialty rotations do not allow for sufficient experience to be acquired as a mitigating factor. There is thus a need for a robust means of communicating and handing over inpatient tasks in a user-independent and intuitive manner. On this background, the project proposes to implement an electronic task list for improving inpatient care for neuroscience patients. The project has previously implemented a secure web application (NRS) for managing neuroscience emergency referrals in the East of England. The application provides a means of transparently recording specialist advice, whilst also providing real-time data analytics for service evaluation and audit. NRS has recently been integrated within the national cloud-based database hosted by the Outcome Registry Intervention and Operation Network (ORION) at the University of Cambridge. On this background, the project proposes to develop a novel module – xTask – within the ORION platform for recording task requests and improving handover between junior medical and nursing staff using NRS functionality as a template.