Submit an Unmet need!

This survey is part of our patient and carers brain injury unmet needs real-time database. This database allows researchers and companies to have a better understanding of the unmet needs within the brain injury patient pathway and enable them to address those needs through technology-based solutions.

As Healthcare Technology Co-operative, we are interested in engaging with patients, carers and members of the public. We want your views on the use of technology to improve experiences and care for people with a brain injury and your help in designing research about the effectiveness of technology to do this. We want you to tell us about your experience!

Question 1: Which of the following best describes you?

Question 2:
In your experience, what could be improved (e.g. what was not provided/missing)?


How would you describe this need?


How would you describe this need?


How would you describe this need?

Question 4: Please describe a possible solution to this need

Thank you for completing the survey. Patient information will be anonymous and no report will identify individual patient details.