Register for Healthcare Involvement and Technology Evaluation (RHITE)

Head_PurpleThe NIHR Brain Injury Healthcare Technology Co-operative (HTC) has developed a volunteer register for patients, carers and other interested persons to assist in the development and advance of healthcare technologies. Registering an interest ensures that interested parties receive information about the HTC activities and be notified of opportunities to take part in research. This register is delivered in partnership with ORION.

How can you help us make a change?

The effects of brain injury can vary greatly, therefore we need a wide range of people with different experiences to help us. The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and the Healthcare Technology Co-operative (HTC) would like to work collaboratively with patients, carers and other interested persons to build on their strengths and expertise around brain injury.

If you would like to help in advancing brain injury healthcare research and technologies, please join our register by visiting the following link:
If you prefer to complete the registration form using either an electronic PDF or in hard copy, please contact us: or telephone: 01223 336 936 or post: NIHR Brain Injury HTC, Box 167 Cambridge Biomedical Campus, CB2 0QQ.

Once you submit your registration, we will send you our Welcome Pack which explains how you can contribute to our work.

Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions below for further information.

Download a printable copy of this information here.

For more information about the work of the NIHR Brain Injury HealthCare Technology Co-operative, please explore the rest of our website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen now?

Your contact details are stored on our secure server. When we have projects or events, which may interest you, then we shall contact you by your preferred method.

When will I hear from you?

There may be long periods of time when we do not contact you, if there are no relevant projects or if we do not have a need for involvement in other aspects of our work at a particular time. However we shall keep you updated with regular newsletters.

How will my data be stored?

The Register (database) will be stored securely on a University of Cambridge server. All personal information is processed and stored according to the Data Protection Act (1998), and will not be passed onto any third party unless required by law. Your personal details are securely encrypted during storage (AES-256), and transmission (SSL).

Who has access to my data?

The data held on the patient register can only be seen by a member of the HTC team. The HTC team members are trained to handle personal and sensitive data.

Can I see my entry in the Register?

Yes – please contact us and we will give you a print out of your entry on the database

How long will my data be stored for and what will happen to it when the projects finish or if the HTC closes?

Your personal data will remain on the Register unless you request that it is removed. We shall be contacting everyone who is on the register at regular intervals to check if they still want to be involved, and to update their information.

What if I change my mind?

If you want to leave the register then we shall delete all your records as soon as we hear from you. Please contact us at

NIHR Brain Injury Healthcare Technology Co-operative
Box 167, Department of Clinical Neurosciences
Cambridge Biomedical Campus
Cambridge CB2 0QQ

tel: 01223 336936