HTC Chair and Honorary Director
Professor John Pickard FRCS FMedSci is Professor (Emeritus) of Neurosurgery in the Department of Clinical Neurosciences ofUniversity of Cambridge. He is the honorary director of the National Institute for Health Research’s Healthcare Technology Cooperative (HTC) for brain injury. His research focuses on advancing the care of patients with acute brain injury, hydrocephalus and prolonged disorders of consciousness through functional brain imaging, studies of pathophysiology and new treatments as well as focusing on health, economic and ethical aspects.

John has championed the growth of the HTC portfolio by working with patients and their carers to identify unmet needs in the brain injury pathway, catalysing NHS pull by targeting industry engagement, and building collaborations that utilise expert networks and world leading clinical communities.

Programme governance

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Management team

jarrittDeputy Director
Dr. Peter Jarritt is the Deputy Director of the Brain Injury HTC. He is currently undertaking projects with Health Education East of England and The Academy for Healthcare Science. He previously held appointments as: Clinical Director of Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering at Addenbrooke’s Hospital; Lead Scientist for the EoE Strategic Health Authority; Chief Executive, Northern Ireland Regional Medical Physics Agency; Honorary Professor, Queen’s University Belfast; Scientific Director, Northern Ireland PET Institute. Lecturer and Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Nuclear Medicine, UCL.


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Programme Advisor
Alexis Joannides is a clinical lecturer in neurosurgery at the Department of Clinical Neurosciences, University of Cambridge. He completed his PhD at the Cambridge Centre for Brain Repair in the use of human stem cells in experimental models of neurological disease. He is currently the programme director of the Outcome Registry Intervention and Operation Network, a national informatics platform for collecting and analysing health outcome data following neurosurgery and other neuroscience-related procedures. His research interests include molecular pathogenesis and clinical heterogeneity in traumatic brain injury.



Programme Manager
Mita Brahmbhatt is the programme manager of the Brain Injury Healthcare Technology Co-operative (HTC) based at the University of Cambridge, and supported by the National Institute for Health Research.

After graduating in 2001 with BSc Honors in Business Information Systems, she challenged and developed her skills in various industry sectors. In 2007 she moved in to healthcare to fulfill a personal ambition to influence and shape health and wellbeing services. In this time, Mita has worked internationally with the World Health Organisation; nationally with the Department of Health and private companies; regionally with Strategic Health Authorities; as well as locally with Primary Care Trusts. Mita has enjoyed the challenges of working on key strategic drivers for the NHS including Major Trauma commissioning, and has valued her time as a volunteer wellbeing facilitator for the charity Freemind, based in Essex. In her current role, Mita has the advantage of putting ideas and innovations at the heart of everything she does, something that she would like to see translated in a safe and robust way across the healthcare industry to improve patient outcomes.

Photo_Talissa GasserCommunications & Project Officer
Talissa Gasser is in charge of the communication and overall day-to-day co-ordination of the programme. After finishing her master’s degree in Asian Studies, Talissa worked for the City of Lausanne (Switzerland) in social integration for immigrants.



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