Our vision

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“Head injury is the commonest cause of death and disability in people aged 1–40 years in the UK. Each year, 1.4 million people attend emergency departments in England and Wales with a recent head injury. Between 33% and 50% of these are children aged under 15 years. Annually, about 200,000 people are admitted to hospital with head injury.”
National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)

There are some 0.5 million estimated head injuries in the UK of which some 24,000 are moderate or severe, leading to a range of disabilities including complete dependency and the vegetative state. Even mild injuries may result in significant cognitive and emotional disability with implications for return to work and family harmony. Head injury in childhood is associated with an increased risk of psychopathology, emotional liability, apathy, and criminality in adulthood. Traumatic Brain Injury is not well served by major R&D orientated charities.

The UK has had a major leadership role worldwide in the study of the management of brain injury. The HTC will contribute to maintaining this influence and catalyse the translation of new technologies and take-up internationally in part through the many Clinicians and Scientists within its network. The collaborative environment established by the HTC will also promote new industrial opportunities promoting growth of the national economy as well as offering rapid market entry for innovative products within the NHS.

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