Our approach

The HTC works with patients, carers, NHS, charities, academia, inventors, SME’s and business angels to support the development of new medical devices and healthcare technologies improving the effectiveness and quality of healthcare services encompassing:

  • Market evaluation
  • Clinical research networks
  • Innovation pathways
  • Funding landscape
  • Roadmapping
  • Regulatory frameworks
  • Public and patient involvement
  • Patient-centred design
  • Early phase evaluation

The NIHR Brain Injury HTC is committed to 3 key objectives to deliver added value in the healthcare innovation in brain injury:

  1. Find: Identify areas of unmet need throughout the brain injury pathway that might be amenable to a technology-based innovation.
  2. Facilitate: Promote the generation of innovative solutions through the facilitation of interdisciplinary communication and collaboration between the NHS, academia, industry and public organisations.
  3. Foster: Support the translational pathway of viable solutions from initial concept to successful market adoption and sustainable clinical impact.

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