Registries matter!

‘National Registries of therapy-area-specific data across the whole of the NHS in England should be created and aligned with the relevant charity’. Life Sciences Industrial Strategy (2017), Sir John Bell

We are delighted to share with you the Draft UK Shunt Registry Report 2017.Picture1

This Draft Report summarizes many of the findings from the first 20 years of the UKSR.

Considerable effort has been dedicated over the past year to cleaning up the database and updating compliance with the ever-evolving national governance mechanisms. The database is now ready to be explored in more detail.

Going forwards, the UK Shunt Registry (UKSR) under the auspices of the Society of British Neurological Surgeons (SBNS) and the British CSF Group has moved during 2015-2017 from a paper-based reporting system to the ORION-based electronic reporting system that will:

  • inform patients, carers, clinicians, providers and commissioners of healthcare, regulators, and implant suppliers of the outcomes achieved in surgical interventions for ‘hydrocephalus’,
  • provide participating centres with a local reference and audit resource, including live data access and independent data for the shunt infection CQUIN measure,
  • enhance patient awareness of outcomes after surgical interventions for ‘hydrocephalus’ to better inform patient choice and patients’ quality of experience through engagement with patients and patient organisations,
  • facilitate registry-based trials, and
  • support suppliers with the routine post market surveillance of implants and provide information to clinicians, patients, hospital management/procurement and the regulatory authorities.

Please click here to read the Draft UK Shunt Registry Report 2017.