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The role of the patient is no longer as a passive recipient of care. Nowadays doctors are expected to engage patients in their own health, care and treatment. 

There are also a number of initiatives to encourage patient involvement in the design, planning and delivery of health services.” The Kings Fund

Welcome to the patient and public section of the NIHR Brain Injury HealthCare Technology cooperative website. On this page we tell you who we are, what we do and how you can get involved in our work. 

Who we are and what we do

The NIHR Brain Injury HealthCare Technology Co-operative is an organisation that brings patients, carers, academics, engineers, doctors and nurses together with industry to develop innovative technology to prevent and treat brain injuries and their after-effects.

We strongly believe that research should focus on questions that are important to people with brain injuries, and those who care for them, as well as on questions that health professionals think are important.

To ensure that patients and carers have a voice we invite people whose lives have been affected by a brain injury to get involved in our work.

What do we mean by a brain injury?

The NIHR Brain Injury HTC is interested in traumatic and acquired brain injuries, whether caused by accident, stroke, cancer or hydrocephalus. We do not consider degenerative conditions such as dementia. Our colleagues at the MindTech HTC investigate new technology for dementia.

Source: the NIHR Photo Library
Source: the NIHR Photo Library

Get involved in the work of the Brain Injury HealthCare Technology Co-operative.

If you are interested in the work of the Brain Injury HTC, we invite you to join our Register for Healthcare Involvement and Technology Evaluation (RHITE). Joining the register does not commit you to do anything. It means that periodically we shall send you our newsletter with information about our activities. We shall also send you details of any opportunities there may be to take part in Brain Injury HTC activities. These may include

  • taking part in surveys
  • taking part in workshops
  • getting involved in other Brain Injury HTC activities and events

Click here for more information about the register.

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