Specialist rehabilitation for patients with complex needs following major injury report 2017

The National Clinical Audit for Specialist Rehabilitation following major Injury (NCASRI) was commissioned to determine the scope, provision, quality and efficiency of specialist rehabilitation services across England and improve the quality of care for adults with complex rehabilitation needs following major trauma.

The report is available for download on the Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership website.

Unique role of AHSNs highlighted in new video

The AHSN Network is proud to present a new video showcasing the unique role and wide-ranging impact of England’s 15 Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs).

Told in the words of key stakeholders and partners, it sums up in less than 4 minutes how the AHSN Network is enabling the faster spread and adoption of innovation into the NHS in England.

SBRI Healthcare annual review 2016/2017

The SBRI Healthcare annual review addresses some of the biggest healthcare challenges and tells the story of how NHS England and the AHSNs are helping to bring new technology to the NHS, addressing some of the biggest healthcare challenges.

The exciting innovations range from a company using 3D printing to provide cheaper and more comfortable prosthetic limbs for children, to a tool that measures biomarkers in a patient’s breath which could help GPs know when to prescribe antibiotics for respiratory tract infection by distinguishing between viral and bacterial infection.

TheSBRI Healthcare annual review is available here.